Board of Directors, Executive Team and Fiscal Council

The Board of Directors of Smart Fit is the collegial deliberative body responsible for the creation, monitoring and implementation of the company’s general business policies, including its long-term strategy. It is also responsible, among other duties, for the appointment and supervision of Smart Fit’s upper management.

The Board of Directors will be composed of 9 (nine) members elected and impeachable by the general shareholders’ meeting, with a unified term of 2 (two) years, with possible re-election.

Of the members of the Board of Directors, at least 2 (two) or 20% (twenty percent), whichever is greater, must be independent advisors, according to the definition of the New Market Regulation, and the appointment of those for the Board of Directors as independent advisors must be decided at the shareholders’ general meeting that elects them.

The chairman of the Board of Directors shall be appointed by the General Shareholders’ Meeting that elects the members of the Board of Directors.

Meetings of the Board of Directors may be convened by any of its members and must occur ordinarily once every 3 (three) months, or extraordinarily whenever necessary.

The deliberations at the meetings of the Board of Directors shall be approved by a (favorable) vote of at least a simple majority of the members of the Board of Directors.

At the Ordinary General Shareholders’ Meeting of April 25, 2024, the company’s advisors were elected.

The shareholders also approved the characterization of Ms. Cláudia Elisa de Pinho Soares, Mr. Wolfgang Stephan Schwerdtle and Mr. Ricardo Lerner Castro as independent members of the Board of Directors of the company, considering that, after the analysis of their provided declarations, their curriculum and their professional histories, they were found eligible with regards to the criteria of Independence established under the terms of B3 New Market Regulation and CVM Resolution nº 80, of March 29th , 2022 as amended (“CVM Resolution 80”).

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