Strategy and Business Model

Our Business Model

We have five main pillars in our business model. The first is to offer to our customers a high standard service. This is why we use NPS as the main KPI to evaluate for our team. The second is to ensure convenience for our customers, by being close to their work and home and making the fitness routine easier and uncomplicated – after all, we position ourselves as “the Smart Gym”.

We also prioritize the search for the primary zones of the cities and the structure with the best equipment, efficient classes and motivated staff. This unique experience, coupled with a monthly fee ranging between 15 and 25 dollars per month, creates a huge barrier to entry for the competition. Finally, our last pillar involves our digital solutions that allow customers to be well-guided by our trainers to work out both inside or outside the gym, through the Smart Fit App and Smart Fit GO (an on-demand workout platform).

In addition, we rely on technology to improve and scale our on-premises deliveries, to manage the business in the cloud, to simplify new customers’ acquisition and, of course, to improve their experience.

Our Strategy

Smart Fit has expanded faster than any other gym over the past five years. To maintain this healthy and profitable growth, we have a team of experts who follow an effective process of occupation and consolidation of our presence in each neighborhood. Before setting up at a new area, we secure the best locations in the clusters where we already operate, which ends up adding even more value to our Black Plan, which gives access to all units in Latin America.

With each inauguration, this committee improves its process of choosing the best locations in each territory and strengthens the relationship with landlords, shopping malls and hypermarkets. This puts the Smart Fit Group in a privileged position to increase its market penetration in all the cities in which it is already present, in addition to potentiating and creating new demands in countries where it does not yet operate.

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